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© Unimech, 2006 - {source}{/source}.
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© Unimech, 2006 - {source}{/source}.
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We are mechanical contracting specialists who innovate the industry and empower our staff to provide clients with the clearest realization of vision and highest quality workmanship possible. It is our commitment to complete all projects safely, on schedule, and within budgetary expectations.




We are mechanical contracting specialists who innovate the industry and empower our staff to provide clients with the clearest realization of vision and highest quality workmanship possible. It is our commitment to complete all projects safely, on schedule, and within budgetary expectations.

Unimech has been serving Calgary and the surrounding area as a prime mechanical contractor for 15+ years. We continue to master, innovate and optimize the construction process from start to finish. Our specialty is connecting resources to deliver the most efficient, sustainable, and comfortable environments possible. We welcome you to explore and learn more about our philosophy, approach, and history in considering whether to partner with us in building your future. Every construction project is fluid, keep yours flowing with Unimech.

Our Purpose

The mechanical scope is always one of the largest and most complex aspects of any construction process. You have to be confident that your prime mechanical contractor can be trusted to complete the work with competent oversight and efficiency so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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Our Values
  • Integrity.

    We only say what is necessary, and always do what we say. We strive to have the courage to always act with this integrity and in harmony with our mission, vision and values.

  • Stewardship.

    We act with proper regard for the rights of ourselves and others, the wisdom of generations past and the prosperity of generations future in mind. We honour client intent in a manner that creates mutual wins and advances our vision. We comply with all laws and regulations. We inspire the trades, industry groups and communities we are members of to grow and improve so that those who come after us may advance what we've achieved.

  • Productivity.

    We act with diligence to contribute authentically and honestly where required, visualize the situation, and take necessary action. We invest in spare capacity and cross-train a crew with diverse skill sets so that recovery actions can be performed with urgency and care. We strive to identify and eliminate all forms of waste. We operate with pure motives and accept nothing less from others.

  • Craftsmanship.

    We provide a product and service of positive legacy that our peers find exemplary and give us a sense of satisfaction and purpose in life.

  • Collaboration.

    We see teamwork as a necessity. We do not let job descriptions limit us but act according to the situation. We draw on the skills and expertise of the team to achieve optimal results. We do what is best for the majority and recognize that we are a valued part of it.

  • Dignity.

    We are all one, and each of us is worthy. We treat everyone with honesty, respect, and appropriate sensitivity. We embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge, and skills in order to leverage the power of diversity and the singular uniqueness of the human spirit.

Our Vision

The world is changing fast, and construction is no different. Skill, quality and safety requirements continue to expand every year, while a growing loss of experience and skill threatens the industry. New technologies are constantly being created and sold as the cure, but they often lack the context and wisdom needed to fill the gaps.

Our industry is left to navigate an unavoidable and difficult generational transition while society remains in desperate need of our contributions. What's missing is the ambition to build a bridge between established process and idealistic technology that will awaken and empower the new generation to this call to action.

We plan to play that role.

It is our vision to grow into a multi-trade, multi-city operation by 2025, leveraging the opportunities we have along the way to preserve what is good and innovate what is missing to serve as a stabilizing source of technical expertise and uncompromising ethical leadership in the construction industry.

Our Partners

We believe the company we keep is a reflection of ourselves and should inspire us all to be our best whether it's our staff, suppliers, sub-trades, consultants, general contractors, or clients.

True success comes from respectful collaboration and dignified accountability. We pride ourselves on discovering and maximizing unique talents, forging lucrative and loyal connections, exalting our partnerships and helping them exceed their goals. Together we can be a formidable force and an aspirational benchmark for the construction industry to celebrate. Regardless of the role you play in this ecosystem, we aim to earn your trust as an advisor and loyalty as a working partner for the long term.

  • Owners.

    Owners have an exalted role in the construction process. They are the ambitious initiators, the bold dreamers that engage the rest of us to organize and execute. They may be the occupants and users, or atleast the long-term stewards and investors of the environments we build...

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  • Architects.

    Architects fill the role of Prime Consultant and provide a vast array of services to owners. The most consistent deliverable generated by architects are the design instructions which document the initial visualization of Owner intention and governs the project as it is progressed. Unimech collaborates with, advises, and serves Architects on mechanical systems, local codes, opportunities for innovation and economic efficiency, and specialty trade coordination to translate conceptual design instructions into an optimally built environment...

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  • Consultants.

    Engineering Consultants provide discipline specific knowledge to the project design, oversight and verification steps and play a crucial role in developing optimally built environments. We deeply respect and understand their contributions and the oath they take to uphold the safety and interests of the public as well as their clients. We endeavor to build the most secure, respectful, rewarding, and inspiring relationships with our Consultant partners so we all may maintain the reputation of delivering projects with the highest standards of execution and life cycle operation, and so that we may continue to learn from one another to grow and get better at what we do...

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  • Trades.

    Trades are specialists in their fields and integral to coordinate and execute an optimal build environment. Unimech knows what we can perform well, and when to rely on the expertise of others in order to get the job done correctly. We seek trade partners who stand confidently in their knowledge to earn a position of respected peer and are eager to work in alignment with our standards and values...

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  • Suppliers.

    Suppliers are well known to provide the physical materials and equipment to be installed, and the tools and consumables to install them with. They are held accountable to their cost, quality, competency, communication and reporting, punctuality and reliability achieving quoted delivery dates. We know a top tier supplier can provide so much more than this and aim to move our relationships out of the transactional realm and into one of long-term mutual benefit...

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  • You.

    You, the end user, the neighbour, the trade school teacher, the city inspector, the software innovator, the custom pre-fabrication plant floor coordinator, the industry trade group outreach coordinator.

    Our future teammate...

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Unimech is a team of innovative mechanical contracting specialists. We specialize in providing clients with the most comfortable and valuable spaces possible. Whether plumbing, heating and cooling or HVAC services, our design and construction professionals complete every project safely, on schedule, and within optimal budgetary expectations.




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